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Smoked & Grilled/BBq Feasting menu


Our BBQ Feast caters for Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free and other diets. 

Our meats come from our award winning butcher. We only use 100% British, Grassfed/Corn Fed for Poultry, Farm Assured/Red Tractor meats from Sussex and the home counties. 


Many clients are looking for a more relaxed main course which can be served to their table. We designed this menu in line with our clients tastes and have created a modern vision of how a wedding breakfast should be.


Clients choose an array of Four or Five mouthwatering BBQ main dishes which are served on wooden boards to each guest at their table. Our professional waiting staff ensure each platter heads to the table straight from the grill so that every mouthful is eaten at its finest.

Click the PDF Image below to view our new Catering Brochure

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