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Our Bespoke Built fleet of mobile kitchens are the backbone of our business. These perfectly constructed and designed vans are fitted out with full commercial kitchen appliances including, extraction system, ovens, grills, fryers, refrigeration, countertops etc.

Our team of chefs designed these from ground up to handle the challenges of fast paced chef life be it for a FIlm Shoot or a Festival style wedding.

The vans are small enough to fit into challenging parking in London but mighty enough to handle high volume output.

The entire fleet are finished off in a very smart matt black textured paint so look very smart.

wood fired pizza ovens land rover defenders

We own a fleet of Bespoke Built Wood Fired Land Rover Defender Pizza Ovens. These are the brainchild of one of our closest engineers and our owners worked closely to ensure the trucks can handle the needs of our fast-paced business. These are the highest-output commercial ovens built inside vehicles of their size in the UK. We own a fleet of three. The team continues to set records of amounts of pizzas cooked per hour with the record sitting around 175 12" pizzas cooked and served in an hour from a single vehicle. A large and experienced team of our finest chefs oversaw this event range flawlessly.

OUR FLEET OF Fridge vans

Our fleet of Fridge/Freezer vans are integral to our business and food safety. Ensuring our food safely reaches the location whilst being temperature controlled throughout its entire journey. These are also designed to be plugged in with overnight standby mode so can be left as a semi-permanent solution on location. We have a superb relationship with our manufacturer so can hire additionally at preferential rates should a job require it.


mobile drystore
washing up van with built in water tanks

Luton van.jpeg

Having access to a full washup station with infinite steaming hot water is a godsend for any true chef on location. The ability to wash up as you go ensures a smooth, organised and hygenic operation.

A Mobile Drystore allows the team to adapt to last-minute dietary changes and the needs of an ever-changing environment like a busy Film or TV Location Shoot. It could be director or studio executive has requested something totally off the menu, by having our little mobile room of goodies this allows us to exceed expectations and go that extra mile.

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