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Mobile Event Catering Sussex

If you are looking for professional, mobile event catering in Sussex, look no further than Streetfood and More. Our experts in mobile event catering services in Sussex will bring passion and delicious food to your event. Popular for weddings, parties, festivals and other outdoor events, Sussex mobile event catering is a favoured choice for those organising a special occasion. At Streetfood & More, we are excited to share our great food, passion for creativity and award-winning chefs all in one place.

Specialists In Mobile Event Catering In Sussex

Our mobile event catering experts in Sussex collaborate with our clients to create a menu that suits the style and tastes of your guests. From traditional dishes to themed cuisines, food trucks provide variety and always appealing street food classics. At Streetfood & More, we are proud of our skilled, professional chefs, responsibly sourced food and extensive menus and packages.

We are one of the best mobile event catering companies in Sussex. Our flexible and friendly approach guarantees our clients a customised experience that suits them. There is a modern allure attached to mobile event catering units. They are considered a treat for the guests to bond over. It sets a friendly, relaxed tone for your event, giving you more time to socialise and enjoy the party.

Why Choose Our Mobile Event Catering Service in Sussex?

Seeing a mobile event catering service or food truck at an event immediately gets the crowd excited. The casual flair, the fresh ingredients and on-the-spot cooking make for an appealing choice.

Choosing our mobile event catering company in Sussex instead of having a sit-down meal for your guests is a treat for everyone. It's excellent for networking, and it always has accommodating menu options. There is flexibility so you can choose when you want to eat, and it saves on extensive and laborious planning by the hosts  - it also creates less mess and hassle!

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