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TV and Film Catering London

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If you are looking for experts in TV and Film Catering, look no further than Streetfood and More for the best in creative and professional services. At Street Food and More, we have faced every challenge that TV filming locations and unexpected weather conditions bring. This is why our list of prestigious clients continues to grow, thanks to the exceptional quality of our meticulously crafted menus and our can-do attitude that underlines our TV and Film catering services in London. We excel when given a challenge - whether it’s providing flexible meal schedules or seamlessly adapting to last-minute changes in the shooting schedule, our TV and film catering services in London are nothing short of perfection. With our premium menus, we ensure satisfaction for every dedicated member of your film crew, catering to both meat-lovers and vegetarians alike. Look no further for an efficient and friendly TV and Film catering service in London—Street Food and More is your ultimate destination!

Expert TV and Film Catering Services in London

Streetfood and More specialise in expert TV and Film Catering services in London, delivering top notch food and a high end catering experience for production companies of all profiles. When a team feels well taken care of, the entire on-set atmosphere thrives. As professionals confident in delivering TV and Film catering services in London, our commitment is to foster a friendly environment where everyone feels comfortable and their individual needs are met. Furthermore, our TV and Film catering services provide a reliable and flexible service that seamlessly integrates into a busy film schedule without hesitation. At Streetfood and More, we adapt our expert TV and Film catering services in London to accommodate the requirements of every shoot, regardless of the location's remoteness or the unpredictable weather conditions when the cameras begin to roll.

Reasons To Choose Our TV and Film Catering Services in London

Not only are we incredible value for money, but we’re passionate about getting creative in the kitchen that will have your crew getting creative on screen. We come highly-recommended by large and smaller-scale production companies in London as a dependable catering option. By maintaining a consistent team and fostering professional relationships with our returning clients, we have become a well-loved catering service in the industry. Word spreads fast in such a vibrant, fast-paced industry. It's not uncommon for us to receive personal recommendations from neighbouring production companies seeking the expertise of our experienced catering team, ready to seamlessly serve a busy set from the get-go.

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