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TV Catering Companies Sussex

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If you are looking for experts in TV catering, look no further than Streetfood and More for the best in creative and professional services. At Street Food and More, we have faced every challenge that TV filming locations and unexpected weather conditions bring. This is why our list of prestigious clients continues to grow, thanks to the exceptional quality of our meticulously crafted menus and our can-do attitude that underlines our TV catering services in Sussex. As TV catering specialists across Sussex locations, we provide adaptable meal schedules to accommodate any shifts in the shooting plan. Our premium menus cater to all tastes within your dedicated film crew, offering choices for both meat-lovers and vegetarians. Your search for an efficient and friendly TV catering service in Sussex concludes with Street Food and More!

Expert TV Catering Services in Sussex

Streetfood and More specialise in expert TV catering services in Sussex, delivering top notch food and a high end catering experience for production companies of all profiles. When a team feels well taken care of, the entire on-set atmosphere thrives. As professionals confident in delivering TV catering services in Sussex, our commitment is to foster a friendly environment where everyone feels comfortable and their individual needs are met. But wait, there's more! Our TV catering services effortlessly blend into even the most action-packed film schedules. Streetfood and More isn't just a name – it's a promise to bring our A-game to every shoot in Sussex. Rain or shine, remote or wild, our expert TV catering services are ready to rock, ensuring everyone's fueled up and ready to roll when those cameras start capturing the magic.

Reasons To Choose Our TV Catering Services in Sussex

We're not only cost-effective but also kitchen creatives who spark on-screen creativity. Recommended by both large and small production companies in Sussex, we're a trusted catering choice for your TV filming project. Our agency-free approach lets us build strong relationships, making us a go-to industry favourite. It's all about maintaining consistency and excitement on set with our dedicated team. Often, we're personally recommended to similar productions, where our expert craft catering team hits the ground running on busy shoots.

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