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Wedding Street Food Catering


We pride ourselves on our high quality wedding street food catering services. Our experienced and professional team will sit with you and discuss in detail your wedding day’s requirements. Our detailed wedding street food menus will be specifically tailored to your personal tastes in accordance with the budget, taste, number of guests and dietary requirements.


Trusted Wedding Catering Company


As a trusted wedding catering company, we will handle all your catering needs including bar waitering and catering in locations all over England including Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, Kent, London, Essex and the rest of the South of England. 


Our wedding street food chefs have a great deal of flexibility in preparing dishes that range from a delicious canape or appetisers to a luxurious feast in Barns, Marquees, Tipis, Private Homes and Manor Houses. Wherever the occasion, our wedding street food caterers will serve you.


Reasons To Choose Our Wedding Street Food Catering Service


What makes our wedding street food catering solutions stand out is our focus on unique and creative menus that reflect market trends while tailoring it specifically to your culinary vision. 


Our access to award winning and expert chefs in wedding street food ensures that we’ll deliver only the highest quality food for your special day.


From day one, we’ll be your partner to remove the stress of catering as we deliver  appetisers, a main course and desserts that you’ll remember fondly.

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