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Food to Fuel Your Film Set

Why Choose Mobile Catering For Your Wedding?

Having been in the business for a long time, we know how to cater for film crews and make sure they feel valued, nurtured and looked after from the moment the project commences, until the hotly anticipated ‘that’s a wrap!’ is announced by the director. Healthy and delicious food, and hydrating beverage options are cornerstones of any successful production project. Keeping everyone happy can be easily achieved, with top quality chef-made dishes that taste delicious, warming and that are made from scratch.

A great film shoot catering service ensures the cast, crew (and team) enjoy their meals together after each take or shoot so everyone feels connected, relaxed and comfortable throughout filming. However sometimes a staggered serving approach is required for those more complex days of filming, which means your catering service has to be prepped and ready to go at any given moment.

Hassle-free service

The best film shoot catering services should be hassle-free, and driven by the agenda of creating a relaxed and accommodating atmosphere in between takes. This starts with listening to the needs of your clients, and delivering a service that addresses every point on the brief produced by a knowledgeable unit production manager.

We understand the importance of communication when it comes to film shoot catering services. We work hard to ensure all factors are countered in well-before filming commences; The film crew and cast involved, the difficulty and size of the location, the production budget and how many site moves there are, are all important factors in determining what services are provided throughout the course of filming.

A service that rests on a highly-organised infrastructure is sure to deliver the best results, and make for the most satisfied clients.

Endless cuisine options

A menu that is built on variety, by chefs that are passionate about a fusion of universal tastes and traditions, is what can set a company apart in the competitive film catering profession. We create bespoke menus based on what the client wants.

We have a range of great food to offer, from wood fired pizza and delicious burgers, to smoked meats, pimped fries and chilli nachos. The ingredients we use are top-notch, so whether you are looking for temporary or longer-term catering options, our endless dining options are what you need to keep your team fueled and ready to take on a day of filming.

Easy ordering, rapid service

Great food doesn’t just happen, you need to ensure that the service is as good as the food. Breaks between takes can be fleeting, and leisure time on set is often sparse. The food options provided should therefore be able to be served in rapid speed, without compromising on healthy components or quality of ingredients.

The best film shoot catering services learn how to find this balance, and take each experience as a learned education of how to improve on speed and quality for the next filming project at hand.

We pride ourselves on being a personable company with an extensive portfolio of experience to rely on. We take great care to build up relationships with our clients, and would love for you to get to know us too!

Happy Clients All Round

You can tell a lot about a film shoot catering service, and the overall company reputation based on their portfolio of clients which should range from independent projects, to large-scale film shoots that run over several days/weeks.

The TV and Film industry is tight-knit, and the word usually spreads if a catering service is efficient and reliable.

With that in mind, our team always goes the extra mile to maintain the highest standards of professionalism, consistency and quality which has always been the key to keeping clients coming back for our film shoot catering services.


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