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A day in the life of a production catering company

Production catering company

We’ll start by saying, there’s no typical ‘day in the life’ when it comes to the TV and Film industry which is as unpredictable as it is incredibly exciting! We love that no day is the same on set, and that there’s always a new challenge to be met. We work hard to tailor our services to the specific needs of individual production companies. However, if you’re wondering about the general schedule of a professional production catering company, and what makes our job so special, we’re here to give you all the insider knowledge.

Starting the day right

The catering team arrives at the production site early in the morning and will be directed to the planned dining area for the day. The team will then set up equipment and start prepping for the early risers on set. Production catering companies often provide their own equipment, as well as tables and chairs which they’ll set up near the kitchen area. An efficient setup can impact the whole day’s serving schedule, and is sure to start the day right. After the setup and ingredient prep is commenced, the team will begin to serve breakfast to the production crew. This may include key breakfast favourites and of course, caffeine to kick off the long day of filming ahead.

The midday rush

When it comes to serving a busy set with a staggered call time, there’s no time for rest!

After breakfast is finished, the team will begin preparing for lunch service. Depending on the size of the production crew, this typically involves cooking and serving multiple dishes. Lunchtime is usually the busiest time, and we work hard to serve everyone in quick succession to ensure they can have a relaxed and sociable lunch break with fellow crew members. We keep all of our food piping hot, to ensure a hearty and healthy catering experience for all.

Service with a snack!

Everybody's favourite time of the day is always snack time. Throughout the day, the catering team may provide snacks and refreshments to the crew to ensure that they can keep working with consistent energy levels, and acute attention to the day’s specific filming goals.

Cleanup and prep for next day

Depending on the call sheet, Once the lunch service is finished, the catering team will

will begin cleaning up and preparing for the next day's meals. This may involve washing dishes, restocking supplies, and organising the kitchen area. However dinnertime can be included in the catering package, and the production catering company can serve the set late into the night if need be!

Last-minute changes

As is typical, there will always be last minute changes when it comes to a set of hardworking production teams. Sometimes this can be related to dietary requests that could have been lost in translation, last-minute changes to the menu or more typically to the serving schedule with an ever-shifting call time for crew members. The catering team will need to be flexible and prepared to accommodate these changes, while still ensuring that all meals are prepared and served on time with little disruption to the catering plan.

End of day

Once the final hot meals of the day are served to all the late-working members on set, and everything is cleaned up, the catering team will pack up their equipment and head out. However, they will also check in with the production team to ensure that they are satisfied with catering services provided throughout the day, and note anything that needs adjusting for the rest of the filming project. They may also begin planning for the next day's meals and preparing any ingredients or supplies that they will need to restock!

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