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Film Set Catering London

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Finding reliable film set catering in London can be overwhelming if you are looking for good quality catering services that provide breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks. There are many companies to choose from, and picking the right can be integral to the success of your production.

Filming a TV show or movie can mean early mornings and late nights, accommodating hundreds of staff members, including cast and crew who work unsocial hours. Finding highly experienced, professional caters who can take on the task and create amazing, diverse and delicious menus at any time of day is a must!

Benefits of Good Film Set Catering

Productivity and Morale

Catering companies must focus on providing quality ingredients, food variety and a guarantee of great flavours and choices. Catering can be an incredible boost for all staff working long hours. Enjoying the perks of any job is always a plus, but particularly when you work unsocial hours, it can be nice to know you are getting the best nutritional and satisfying food, ready for when you need it. Good food on a film set improves moods, uplifts everyone's spirits, and encourages sociability and a friendly set to work on.


With film set catering, the cooked food comes to you. So many films are shot on location for long periods, from drafty castles, windy beaches, tropical jungles, public parks or urban streets. Film set catering comes to you; it means you don't have to stop total production, clear up, lose light, money or time every time you want to stop for lunch.

So catering services are available whether you are warm in a film studio or up on a mountain.

Variety is Key

Catering services are all about variety. Keeping everyone happy can seem impossible, but with professional and experienced catering services, you can ensure that the team you hire designs menus that create excitement, delicious food and full stomachs from accounting for allergies to vegan or gluten-free options, full meals, snacks, and light bite options. Classic sandwiches, tacos, pizzas, salads, mezze, desserts, and hot and cold food make catering to film sets so much fun.

Find reliable, professional and creative caters to help provide a good atmosphere and exciting meal options for your cast and crew. For more information, contact us today.

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